Turning 65?

Medicare is a benefit of turning 65. When you learn what type of health coverage fits your needs, you can experience great health care with choices and plan options.

Be aware of timelines at least three months before retirement and verify creditable coverage to avoid possible late enrollment penalties. Make the transition to Medicare seamless by planning ahead.
Under 65?

If you are approaching 24 months of SSDI or have chronic Health issues Special attention is needed to select a plan and your Part D prescription drug plan.

Already 65?

The annual open enrollment period runs from October 15 through December 7th. It is important to review your Medicare options for any changes in:

• Companies;
• Part D drug coverage;
• Medicare plans.

Medicaid Eligible?

Looking for information about Medicare and Medicaid plans? Give us a call!

Already on Medicare?

You have many choices and plans to choose from. I can assist you with all of your Medicare options.

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